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– Romans 3:21-26 by Byron Musser
November 25, 2018
– Slavery in the Old Testament by Kevin Conover
July 8, 2018
– Repent and Believe-Romans 8 by Vic Murphy
May 20, 2018
– An Undivided Life by Danny Long
May 6, 2018
– Good Friday 2018
March 30, 2018
– Easter On The Field 2018
April 1, 2018


Past series:

“The Church: What is it?”


“Finding The Messiah”

A study in the Book of Matthew

Unbounded Joy

“Unbounded Joy”

A study in the Book of Philippians

HEBREWS-Jesus is better

“Jesus is better”

A study in the Book of Hebrews


“The Story of God”

Part 1 – A journey through the Old Testament

Part 2 – Overview of the New Testament

Part 3 – The Book Of Revelation

Answers Series

“Answers Series”

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