First Impressions

This group of four teams (set-up, teardown, greeters, and apples and bananas) sets the stage for visitors’ first impression of JCC and lasting impressions for the congregation.

Set Up Team

This team prepares the foyer and portico for the Sunday services by cleaning and organizing for a fresh look each Sunday that is inviting to all that attend.

Tear Down Team

This team works on a rotation system so you are “on duty” only three months out of the year. It usually takes ½ hour after lunch, and consists of two members so there are always two individuals or families on duty at all times.


This team forges the visitor’s first link to the congregation by providing warmth and genuine friendliness. The fruit of the spirit found in Galatians 5:22-23 is a solid guideline for a good greeter. This is not about perfection, but a heartfelt motive and desire to live a life of a spirit-filled believer. A Greeter’s joy in the Lord is evident on their faces and radiates to all they greet.

Apples and Bananas

Every Sunday we offer after service coffee, donuts, apples and bananas. This team facilitates purchasing and organizing the fruit, providing a nutritious option to the sugary donut.